New jerseys for the handball youth of TV Offenbach

TV Offenbach and Heinrich Pesch Hotel enter into cooperation in the youth sector

Heinrich Pesch Hotel supports the youth handball players of TV Offenbach as a new cooperation partner. During an on-site visit to a training session in the Queichtalhalle, hotel director Marco Dakkus presented a set of new jerseys for the B-youth to the sporting director responsible for the youth area, Heiko Pabst, and his team. “The cooperation with the Heinrich Pesch Hotel is another important mosaic stone in our training concept in the youth area. The competencies of our partner will open up completely new possibilities for us – we are looking forward to that,” says Heiko Pabst about the new partnership.

In conversation, Heiko Pabst explains TVO’s ambitious youth concept, which not only aims to support young people in their athletic development, but also sees its tasks in the social environment and in the overall imparting of values. In its work with the children and young people entrusted to it, TVO attaches great importance to respect, fairness, a willingness to work together, reflectiveness and motivation. “We have been known for this for many years, even beyond the borders of the Southern Palatinate,” explains Heiko Pabst, who is proud to have found a partner in the Heinrich Pesch Hotel that is motivating and full of ideas for the club.

The two partners are united by an obviously shared understanding of values and the importance of promoting youth as a central concern. Marco Dakkus is convinced that the cooperation will be rewarding for both sides: “We are looking forward to not only bringing the Heinrich Pesch Hotel closer to the visitors in the Queichtalhalle, but also to becoming known as a conference hotel in the halls of southwest Germany through the advertising on the jerseys.”