Rheinwalk bei der Rhein Gallerie


The Heinrich Pesch Hotel is a good starting point for excursions in the surrounding area, as well as for visits to the cathedral cities of Speyer and Worms or to the German Wine Route. The range of attractions in the region has something for every taste.  



Our hometown has a lot to offer! Culturally, Ludwigshafen scores not only with numerous events, such as the Festival of German Film, which takes place every year on Ludwigshafen’s Park Island, but also with great programs in the Theater im Pfalzbau or exhibitions in the Wilhelm Hack Museum. The museum is already a work of art from the outside: it was strikingly designed by the ceramic facade of the artist Joan Miró. The city also has numerous restaurants, cafes and bars, which do not let boredom arise. Another highlight is the Rhein-Galerie, Ludwigshafen’s modern shopping center directly at the Rhine.


One of the oldest cities in Germany is the historic city of Speyer. Only about 20 kilometers away from Ludwigshafen at the Rhine, Speyer not only invites you to stroll through the old town. The city’s landmark is the Emperor’s and St. Mary’s Cathedral, which is listed as the world’s largest preserved Romanesque church as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition to the impressive cathedral, there are many other historic buildings to admire, such as the former western main gate of the city, the “Altpörtel”. Speyer offers its visitors countless recreational opportunities: A visit to one of the museums, a fine meal in the old town or a dip in one of the nearby swimming lakes, are just some of the attractions. The people of Speyer are known for their humor and good humor, which can be experienced not only at numerous festivals in and around the city, but also on very special church anniversaries – when the Domnapf is filled, for example, a large stone bowl that holds over 1,000 liters of wine. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to witness this rare attraction during your visit.


The city of Worms, just over 20km from Ludwigshafen, is the only German city in the “Most Ancient European Towns Network”, lovingly competing with Augsburg, Trier and Kempten for the title of Germany’s oldest city. Worms, along with Speyer and Mainz, is home to one of the three Romanesque imperial cathedrals. The city also has further ecclesiastical history, as Martin Luther stood here before the Imperial Diet; the Luther Monument and the designation as Lutherstadt commemorate this. And Worms has even more to offer: Once a very important city, it serves as one of the main settings for the medieval heroic epic “The Song of the Nibelungs”; the Nibelungenstadt Worms pays tribute to this honor annually, staging the Nibelungen Festival in July/August.

More destinations in the region

Picturesque vineyards, dreamlike river courses, rustic hiking trails and wonderful small towns: The Rhine-Neckar region has special places to offer even far away from the big cities. Here we have put together a few tips for you. Hier haben wir für Sie einige Tipps zusammengestellt.

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